Welcome to Bento!

My names Jesse, and I'm the creator and founder of Bento.

I've been building this project since 2016 when I was tasked to tackle problems of my own in the wonderful world of selling things online. Since the project has began, it's been my passion and I've hacked on it every day since. Now, thanks to the support of our customers I'm able to work on this full time.

The team and I are stoked to log in each day and hack on trying to solve the hardest problems in online commerce whilst also doing our best to make the best dang software in the land. If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask, we read and respond to every message. Just click the chat button down the bottom right.

After getting set up with Bento, a process that should take 5 minutes, every touchpoint and conversation with your customers will now be inside here.

Ready to get this party started?